DM Chat – Relaunch Update, Recap Changes, and Joining Instagram


This is a pretty short update because there hasn’t been a lot that has changed since the last update. Currently, we are looking at a relaunch date towards the end of September due to current scheduling, and having to learn how to edit an episode with the new recording style. Some changes have been made about how we will handle the recap of the first arc of the Mieveht Story. The recorded episodes are available on our Patreon for only $1 if you want to listen to the actual game play and get the full story, otherwise there will be a short episode that introduces the characters and gives only the important events on the first arc. We just finished up the first arc of the Erylian Epic, so we are currently in full relaunch mode to get the show ready to come back, new and improved. We have also joined up on Instagram. We will be trying to work on taking more pictures during our sessions to post on there, especially any particuarly funny shenanigans. Lastly, I am looking for some feedback on blog topics to write about over at You can email me at to tell me if you’d like me to write about my thoughts on D&D Beyond, my first renaissance faire experience, the first wave alpha launch of DungeonFog, or my World Builder’s Journey.


[Lore] The Grand City of Mieveht

Since our first campaign takes place in Grand City of Mieveht, you might want to know a little bit about the area that the players will be in. These lore posts will be a way to learn about people, places, and things in the world of Erylia that would be fairly common knowledge within the setting, as well as tease some things that are more unknown.

Mieveht is a city that is a region in and of itself. It rests on the tip of Syvahl atop a plateau bordering the Southern Sea, and is the largest city on the continent. It would take someone over a day just to walk from one end of the city proper to the other and they could find almost everything they’d need along the way. Outside of the city proper there are farms and mines that extend outward to Mieveht’s three gates. Each gate is a smaller town that connects Mieveht to the rest of Syvahl along main roads and is a place for weary travelers to rest, resupply, and get news about what is going on within the city. They can also arrange some accommodations for themselves in the city, like booking a room at an inn in the city or scheduling an appointment with one of the craftsmen.

The city proper is divided up into many districts. Some districts are strictly separated from one another by a wall with only a few guarded gates to move between districts, while others blend together and are only really split based on the districts main function. The Commons is the outermost district within the wall of Mieveht and is the residential district that houses the free working class. It is the largest of the cities districts, spanning almost the entire width of the city and takes up almost half of the city. A wall separates The Commons from all of its neighboring districts. Kaizen, bordering on the eastern side of The Commons, is the main craftsmen and processing district. Farmed goods, timber, stone and ores, and other raw materials enter the city in Kaizen, where they are stored and distributed out for use in keeping the city fed, supplied, and maintained. Lahthrin, to the north of Kazien, is where most of the hard labor takes place. It is only loosely connected to the city proper, and is dedicated to mine shafts as well as forests that are replanted in rotation to keep a stock of wood and stone for the city. In the center of Mieveht is the Cyrin district, one of the busiest and most bustling districts of the city. The main roads into Mieveht all converge in Cyrin. Cyrin is a huge marketplace, with shops to buy, trade, and sell goods of all kinds. Some of Mievehts largest and most extravagant inns and taverns are in Cyrin, as well as churches to all of Syvahl’s major deities. West of Cyrin, and south of The Commons, lies the Thelnea District. Thelnea is full of mansions and small castles, home rich nobles, emissaries, and the wealthiest of merchants. The final, southernmost district of Mieveht is Hyrciin, home to the ruling royal family. Hyrciin is the most strictly locked down district of the city and it takes a personal invitation from the ruling family. It is protected by an elite guard, known as The Order of Vehti, who are said to know no equal on Syvahl.

I know that all of this information and proper nouns is a lot to take in and can be quite confusing. I am currently working on a hand drawn map that at least outlines the city and will hopefully be posting that as the next posted in the blog.

DM Chat – An Update On Our Progress


Hello Adventurers! I just wanted to check in with everyone still subscribed to our feed, but not checking the website (because it’s not like we really had a website before this!). If you’ve already read the update from last week on the website, you can go ahead and skip to about 4 minutes in for the newest addition in this audio version.

The big news with this DM Chat is that now points to a fairly fucntioning wordpress site! I’m going to try and make at least 1 blog post a week over there, so make sure to check back at least once a week and see what’s going on. If you’d like to support the show, we are now live on Patreon! For $1 a month you can get access to our lost episode catalog, which is everything that was recorded using the Yeti. I plan to continue working on those recordings once we are back up and running and getting one added per month to the queue. You can find us at We have writen up a script for the new podcast opening, Episode 0, and did a test recording with the new mic set up last weekend, which is put in at the end of this DM Chat so you guys can hear the sound difference. The last bit of news is an update on the Mieveht Intro Script. In it’s raw state, it is up over 6 pages now and I am part of the way into Episode 1.2. I’m hoping to finish the script either next weekend or the weekend after so we can begin editing it and get ready to record it once we are finished with the current campaign we are on. The plan is to be back up and running in the next 4-6 weeks, and we can’t wait to be back!

Thank you all for sticking with us through this!

Website Changes, Patreon is Live, and More!

Hello Adventurers!

It’s been about a week since the big announcement, and there has been a lot going on in this week to try and make the change happen as quickly, and as smoothly as possible.

First of all, if you’re reading this, then you’ve noticed that the website has changed! Since we started Adventures in Erylia, we have been using the landing page provided to us by our media host, PodBean. The page served us well as an alternate way to find our episodes, and to have somewhere for to point to, but with this whole relaunch, we wanted a more feature complete, and cleaner looking website to send people to. So as of now, we are using WordPress as our website.

Secondly, our Patreon page is now live. The current catalog of Lost Episodes is already posted for our $1 tier, and Discord is set up for the most part for our $5 tier. I’m currently about half way done with the next Lost Episode and still plan to have it up by the end of the week.

The cast and I have been working on writing a new Episode 0 for the feed to introduce the podcast a little more completely than the current version does. We’ve got a script written up for it and actually got our recording gear all set up for the first time last night to do a couple runs through it. I’ll be able to use this short recording to get a taste of what things will be like editing with this new recording set up.

Two last things I want to mention. We’re about 4 pages of script into the narrative retelling of the first arc of the Mieveht Story. The exciting thing about this, is that the first few pages tell a part of the story that was never recorded. Tying into the next Lost Episode, which is the first recorded episode of the Erylian Epic, we have a huge session planned for next weekend. Everyone is off early enough that we will be able to have a 6+ hour long session, in comparison to our usual 4. Hopefully, this will get us close to wrapping up act 1 of the Epic and we will be ready to begin recording for the relaunch in the next month!

We’re all excited for this relaunch, and we hope you are too!

DM Chat – We’re Taking A Break



Hello Adventurers!

One the one hand, I’m sad to be posting this. But on the other, I am happy for what it means for the future of the show.

We’re going to be taking a break for a bit while I work on restructing the podcast. The important news from this is that we will be moving over to using wordpress as our main website address, we are scrapping the current episodes to get things out recorded on our new equipment sooner, and we are in the works of setting up a patreon with the option to spend $1 to get the archived content as it comes out.

If you have an questions, or want me to let you know of any updates, please email us at

Meet The Cast!


Hello Adventurers!

A few months ago, a podcast that I am a huge fan of, The Glass Cannon Podcast, was holding a contest for some of their special bottlecaps. They wanted people to post pictures of their group, with Pathfinder books, and someone holding a d20. While we are a D&D fifth edition podcast, I actually cut my TTRPG teeth on Pathfinder and own quite a few of the books. The plush d20 was actually a gift from Chantalle to Caitlin and I’s son for Christmas.

I just now realized it is probably the only picture of the whole cast together so I decided to share it with you guys so you can put some names and faces together. I’m Damian, and I’m the DM, taking the picture. On the left is Christa in red and her boyfriend Chris. On the right is Chantalle in blue, and my fiancee Caitlin in the back.

I’m trying to remember to have us take more pictures, so hopefully you’ll see more of us in the future.

Welcome to our table!